Saturday, February 26, 2011

My least favorite question.

"Why do you care so much about Palestine?"  This is my least favorite question in the world.  It is usually followed by this statement:  "You're not a Muslim.  You're not even of Arab descent".  These questions and comments make me uncomfortable and add to the isolation I already feel. 
The truth is I have no idea when or why I became slightly obsessed with my government's role in the Middle East, Palestine in particular.  It never seemed a strange pursuit to me.  I'm a compassionate person by nature so why do the people in my life look at me like I'm some kind of anomaly whenever I talk about what's happening in The Occupied Territories? 
Every year the fissure between me and everyone else around me grows deeper.  My family and friends are saving money to buy new furniture or take the kids to Disneyland while I'm hoarding every penny I make so I can go back to The West Bank.